Frozen cakes

“A party without cake is just a meeting”, Julia Child, American culinary art star.

Indeed – a layer cake is certainly an exceptional dessert which makes the moment memorable. What makes a layer cake so unique, is a composition of visual eect and taste. It requires confectionery craftmanship, skills and time for preparation. It is one of the greatest ways to celebrate a special moment. Equally, layer cakes, can taste well on a regular day – eaten as a dessert, without an occasion – with a bit of elegant nonchalance. We share this sweet weakness for sophisticated desserts and put our passion into our original recipes and flavours. We specialise in fresh and frozen layer cakes and create sweet confectionary magic!

Frozen cakes

Have you heard about frozen cakes? You can eat them cold, like ice cream, or defrost them slowly and enjoy a delicious cake, indistinguishable from a freshly made one!

We are proud to present the newest catalogue of frozen cakes by Kinga Confectionery.
Here you will find here ranges of wonderful cakes for every occasion, personally prepared by our confectionery masters according to original recipes, in various flavours, decorated with unusual designs.

They are ready to eat right out of the freezer – like ice cream.

For lovers of traditional cakes, we recommend defrosting a cake in the refrigerator, and in a few hours, as if by magic, it will turn into a fresh, delicious cake of the highest quality and will surprise you with its richness of flavour. We assure you that it will look and taste just like a traditional product, straight from the bakery!

The patterns presented in the catalogue are only a sample of our capabilities. Thanks to the extraordinary cake printer that we have, we can make any design on cakes, cookies, macaroons or other sweets, on an individual order in a very short time. According to your wishes, we can design a graphic for a specific occasion or use the image sent: your favourite theme, photo or company logo.

Cakes for children

Children await their birthdays all year round. What makes this day so special? Guests? Gifts? Decorations? Joy and fun in the company of family and their little friends? Everything is important, undoubtedly, but whether it is a modest party with a close circle or a grand party – there is only one pinnacle. It’s a CAKE! You can’t have a party without it!

Close your eyes, make a wish, blow out the candles, listen out for the loud “Happy birthday!” A magic moment… We know how to make it extraordinary! Little faces will express delight and light up with a smile. Our cakes will please their eyes and pamper their taste buds with a spectacle of flavour.

About us

Despite the wide range of services which we offer today, serving not only family parties, but also banquets, corporate events and large events, WE REMAIN A WORKSHOP – faithful to original, traditional recipes and taking care to produce the highest quality of confectionery goods. Trying to constantly develop and meet the requirements of customers, following progress in confectionery, we do not forget about what is most important to us. We do not use artificial additives and preservatives, we rely only on natural, carefully selected ingredients, we strongly emphasise the use of local and seasonal products.

We are proud that we can accompany our customers in their special moments:
on name days, birthdays, baptisms and weddings. We are happy to devote ourselves to our great passion – creating the most delicious cakes and desserts. We believe that you will be delighted with them.

We cordially invite you to the world of Kinga Confectionery, where generations are united by taste.

We cordially invite you to the world of Kinga Confectionery, where generations are united by taste.
We will conjure up miracles for your party!